Mass email sending system and business database from 66 countries

Marketing actions are undoubtedly complemented by actions targeted directly at prospective customers with electronic mail. In the recent years e-mailing has become the most frequently used marketing tool. To achieve success in this form of advertising it is most of all necessary to perfectly select a target group, and next ensure an interesting subject and an appearance of an email that will encourage recipients to read its content.

It is important that our e-mailing system, apart from its ease of use, gave a full picture of what is happening with emails sent by us, i.e. who read them, who clicked on attached graphics or directly on a link placed in emails.

As I wrote above, selection of a target group is the most significant action in preparation of e-mailing. A target group is chosen according to specific objectives and it is important that a business database used by us offered as high as possible capabilities of its selection. I have been working for many years with the international Kompass database. It contains detailed information about companies from several dozen countries in the world. Apart of contact details, it has administrative data, information on amount of turnover in a relevant tax year, share of export in turnover, number of employees, management, countries and areas of export and import as well as it precisely specified manufactured products, distributed goods and services rendered by a relevant company.

As I have already stated, I use it myself and I recommend working on it for e-mailing and selection of prospective business partners for phone contact.