Internet Analytics

“If something cannot be measured, it also cannot be improved”

The above sentence excellently explains the purpose of installing, reading and understanding of professional statistics for Internet analytics. The most popular and free is the tool of Google web browser – Google Analytics. In business activity every well managed company or corporation tries to measure, standardise and analyse everything as many things as possible. All this to figure out what should be improved to acquire even better results of its sales, manufacturing or marketing departments.

Marketing Department often verifies results of money spent on traditional forms of advertising by placing different telephone numbers in individual press advertisements, telephone directory or billboards, giving discounts for referring to a relevant leaflet or a specific advertising campaign. It is aimed at checking how many contracts were obtained due to a specific form of advertising. In the era of the Internet, after every year outlays for Internet marketing gain higher and higher share in advertising budgets of most companies. The same persons analysing return on advertising outlays from other media forget or straight out do not know that website traffic may supply a huge amount of information.

It will provide an answer to, among others, the following questions:

  • What do our sales come from?
  • How do Internet users find our website?
  • What words do they use in Internet search engines?
  • What online databases or catalogues direct customers to us?
  • What do users do when they visit our website?
  • At which moment do they resign from making a purchase or sending an inquiry?
  • Is it a layout and navigation of our website which discourages them from that?
  • Finally, are marketing campaigns effective and which ones are the most effective?

Are not answers to the above questions significant for financial success of your company, and often also to your careers, Dear Marketing Specialists?

First, we need to answer a basic question – What is the purpose of a company web page?

What is the purpose of our web page?
What do we expect of it?
What goals did we set to it?

Undoubtedly, in order to answer the above question we need to find out whether the purpose of our website is to:

  • sell our products and services, acquire new customers,
  • support existing customers,
  • build database of future customers,
  • increase awareness of our brand in the Internet.

When we determine this, next questions concerning website users will arise. Are they visiting our web page for the first time or have they already visited it, what is their behaviour on it, what subpages do they visit, where do they navigate, where do they end their visit, which part of the website is most frequently left, how much time do they spend on the website, do their visits result from sponsored link campaigns purchased by us or from natural SEO or other linking websites. Finally, certainly a question will arise: why the number of customers or inquiries generated from the website do not meet our expectations?

Why is it so, what to improve and answers to all above questions – this is what we will learn from Internet Analytics, i.e. understanding and correct interpretation of data which is supplied by statistics of Google Analytics installed on our website.

Frequently due to pressure of business or just the lack of knowledge a rule is applied in many companies – we have invested once in a website and then it has a life of its own. Even if we remember about it and promote it, we do not have time to verify our decisions, effectiveness of our actions or work of SEM or SEO advertising agency. We believe that it will be fine if we spend money – the company is shown in Google, the management board is satisfied and the competition respects us because we can afford it.

After all, is it not better to know what effects are brought by our spent money?

We encourage everyone to install statistics of Google Analytics. If you do not have time or knowledge allowing to interpret them, I suggest commissioning specialists in the field, that is us, with it.

Installation of Google Analytics is free of charge. We may assist you in the installation and interpretation of results, if necessary. We provide basic reports of Analytics to every our customer which cost is included in a price of rendered services as an added value.