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These days a website is an essential attribute of every modern company which wants to become known in the global information network.
Each of our projects is fitted with a panel for introducing modifications to websites by persons who have only basic knowledge on computer operation.

In the era of widely available mobile Internet and changing habits of Internet users it is very important to adapt technology of website design to capabilities of omnipresent mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, netbooks or ultrabooks. Therefore, out last works were web pages adapted to modern devices.

How we work


  • consultations and analysis of client’s needs, developing website structure, functionality of individual parts of the website and navigation method,
  • presentation of projects – on the basis of received guidelines we work out three graphic proposals presented in the form of .jpg files,
  • proper graphic design – we design it according to your final instructions and arrangements. We ensure a unique appearance, consistent with the applicable standards of website design,
  • project preparation concerns: homepage, a list of tabs-subpages, all key website subpages.

Project implementation

  • installation and configuration of the website – we configure a platform with all its functions,
  • adjustment of graphics – we code the project in a clear structure, consistent with the newest trends and standards in the field of effective web page design, adapting it to the requirements of search engines,
  • implementation works – we prepare a view of subpage templates, graphic elements for subpages (continuation), HTML and DHTML element file editing, form editing, we add and configure plugins,
  • data entering – we enter data into a database via CMS or we code website content in HTML,
  • mobile technology – we adapt the website to one of mobile technologies,
  • implementation works – we install and configure the website and databases on client’s server.

Finishing works

  • training of administrators and users,
  • uploading the website,
  • 3-month online or telephone support.


WordPress? What is it?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) used for creating websites as well as adding and modifying their content.

The first version of WP was published on 27 May 2003 with the view of using it for blogs. In the course of its development (over 100 versions have been issued to date) the software became a fully functional CMS. Presently, WordPress is the most popular content management system, outdistancing the second Joomla and the third Drupal.

Preparation of professional, functional and secure website is only half the battle. And the other half? It is ADMINISTRATION – someone has to add texts, pictures, etc. Of course, you may commission us with this. However, the implemented platform allows you to effectively introduce changes to the website yourself. Why? Because adding content is similar to work in a text editor, e.g. Microsoft Word or LibreOffice Writer. Equally easily you can change pictures, content of a slider or a gallery and perform many other actions.

Some facts about WordPress:

According to (accessed on 16 June 2013) WP has 58% share in the CMS market;

  • over 67 millions of websites are supported by WordPress (according to,
  • as many as 22 out of 100 new web pages in the United States refers to WordPress websites,
  • according to the ranking of Alex, in 2011 no fewer than 14.7% of the first million of the most popular websites used WordPress,
  • as many as 18.4% of all websites uses WordPress.

Benefits of CMS

WordPress is certainly one of the most intuitive and best organised scripts ever created.

Administrative panel was designed in line with the principle of usefulness and simplicity. A few moments are enough to learn where is what and what it does (and there are a lot of functions!). WordPress has an incredible number of administrative functions which may be additionally expanded by installing suitable plugins.

That is easy! Enter your text in a convenient editor, add graphic elements or a video, place in a relevant category and publish. If you make a mistake, a built-in version revision system will assist you in correcting it.

After installation you get outstanding functionality for managing your new website. A plethora of options in administrative panel makes it possible to customise it to meet your individual needs. However, when you want to try something new, you may install a relevant plugin and voila!

WordPress may be both a simple blog, a company website or an expanded social network – it all depends on your imagination.

WordPress was designed in such a way to make it 100% consistent with network standards.
It needs to be emphasised that Google loves such websites! If you choose WordPress, your company web page will be quickly and efficiently indexed by the world’s most popular search engine.

The possibility of use for both simple and small websites, and large and complex ones.

Content editing with a tablet or a smartphone with an installed mobile application on the chosen OS: Android, iOS or BlackBerry

After installation you get enough functions to effectively manage a modern website or a blog, and when you need an additional function you simply install a new plugin (installation is as fast and easy as in a web browser).
In Poland there is a common belief that original systems are more secure. If it was true, the website of the White House or Porsche would not run on such OS.

Furthermore, in case of falling out with authors of your website or when you want to change a company that made a website for your business on original CMS software there may be difficulties with making modifications to website’s code, costs of adding new functionalities may amount to costs of implementation of a new website, present errors or inflexible solutions will not allow to modify the website on the basis of new objectives.

Another significant fact, frequently omitted by clients ordering website design, are CONTRACTOR’S abilities. The same Open Source system, e.g. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Contao or Typo3 may be implemented better or worse depending on abilities of webmasters or programmers working in an advertising agency.


Mobile websites

It can be concluded that technically it is completely different from standard desktop web pages. It usually has different graphics, different navigation method, sometimes different contents and domain. Mobile website’s domain is most of the time preceded by “m” letter denoting a mobile version.

Correct configuration of a mobile web page allows to automatically load it after identifying a device used by a relevant user. It should also contain a link to its full version, intended for users who want to browse its full version. Construction of a mobile website allows to load it much faster on a smartphone or a tablet compared to a desktop or a responsive version.

To simplify, mobile websites have a separate mobile and desktop version, they usually differ with “m” letter (mobile) preceding proper URL address in a web browser – see, (also RWD version).

Responsive websites

Designed in a way that allows to smoothly adapt to a screen resolution of a device on which it is displayed. Depending on screen size, website’s appearance, graphics, navigation and content may change. URL address will always be common, whether we will browse it on a screen of a smartphone, tablet or large monitors. It is practically always the same web page, but differently displayed on various devices. For users of smartphones and tablets it loads longer compared to the aforementioned mobile version.

To conclude, websites using responsive web design (RWD) have the same URL addresses (addresses in a web browser bar) on all devices, every URL leads to the same HTML for all devices, and only CSS with modifications of styles changes the method of displaying the website. (Client-side) –